Bus Stop by Ceri Allen. Used with kind permission of the artist


Marjorie Lotfi

Projects + Residencies

  1. The Belonging Project
    The Belonging Project is a series of creative writing workshops and readings that considers journeys, what we carry with us (and what we leave behind), how we start anew and what it means to belong, alongside similar stories and experiences of refugees and migrants. Read more
  2. Jupiter Artland
    Marjorie Lotfi Gill was Jupiter Artland’s first Poet in Residence from 2014-2016, during which time she led numerous writing workshops inspired by the sculpture and installations, and ran, co-judged and helped coordinate a reading of the shortlist for Jupiter Artland’s first writing competition. Read more
  3. Dazzle
    During the First World War, the Admiralty in Britain tried a remarkable experiment with a form of camouflage that made ships more, not less, visible. Co-commissioned by Edinburgh Art Festival and 14-18 NOW, the Every Woman project remembered and celebrated these ‘dazzle ships’. Read more
  4. Spring Fling x Wigtown Book Festival
    Marjorie Lotfi Gill was the first Writer in Residence at the Spring Fling x Wigtown Book Festival where she held free workshops in Scotland’s premier open studios visual art and craft weekend. Visitors were encouraged to make their own contributions which resulted in many new pieces of writing created. Read more
  5. Naked Aye
    Marjorie Lotfi Gill was Writer in Residence at the Naked Aye Gallery in 2015 Read more